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United States

A friend of mine is on the Ouija board of directors. (S. Wright)
 (737 Posts)
Name: Chet
Gender:  Male
Country:  United States
Location:  Columbus, OH
Joined:  06/02/2007
Updated:  05/02/2012
Last On:  06/16/2015
Viewed:  8248 times
Cards:   239 
Quote:  As much trouble as I've had on this little journey, I'm sure one day I'll look back on it and laugh. (Neal Page)
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08/12/2012 • 03:06 PM
Nut Sucker ! ! You were here on 08/10/2012 and you didn't even say hi. Well I am glad that you're still alive. I hope to hear from you soon. "I love you man"
08/13/2012 • 07:36 AM
^What the magic dude above said.

07/04/2012 • 02:27 AM
Last on 05/04/2012 ! ! ! I hope everything is OK with you Skipper. You got me worried.
07/04/2012 • 01:55 PM
I agree with the magic man! You have both of us worried.

04/02/2012 • 11:00 AM
Congratulations on winning your prize!
05/02/2012 • 12:40 AM
Very cool surprise. And you can tell Aphrodite where I live if she wants to come aand get 'em back. I'll have wine and tater tots ready.....just in case.

03/29/2012 • 09:26 AM
Thinking of you today. The only thing I know I can do is send you some cards that you don't have. Regardless, I just wanted you to know that there are people that you've had a positive influence on, including many here on our goofy little website.
05/02/2012 • 12:37 AM
Thanks Travis. A little late getting back here, but this message is appreciated more than words can say. The cards are wonderful, but the friends I've met here have been a very important part of my healing. Thanks for being one of those special people. I'll be back more often, I promise.

01/02/2012 • 09:14 PM
A friend of mine is on the Ouija board of directors. (S. Wright)

06/21/2011 • 06:31 PM
I still really like your avatar. The way he is looking up at her is so cute!!!
06/21/2011 • 07:03 PM
yeah, but if that were really me you would be likey to beat the snot outta me. :o)
06/21/2011 • 07:24 PM
People must think I am so mean. I would never beat the snot out of you, maybe a few nuts or acorns but not snot...lol
06/21/2011 • 07:40 PM
If some squirrelly guy looked at my daughter that way, I'd beat the snot outta them......well, they'd probably beat the snot outta me, but I'd go down trying. :o)

06/21/2011 • 06:30 PM
Thank you very much for the card.
06/21/2011 • 07:01 PM
my pleasure.....hope you're feeling better. Thursday will be the test, eh?

05/13/2011 • 12:16 AM
Just checking in with the hopes of seeing things start to improve for you. My thoughts are with you.
06/04/2011 • 11:50 PM
Thanks Travis. Been a strange year, lost another close friend this week. I must be getting old. Also been computerless for about 5 weeks, but should be good to go. My sincere thanks for your support and good wishes. Did I miss anything? :o)
06/06/2011 • 10:06 PM
Glad to see you around, but sorry to hear of all the things you're dealing with. You've always exhibited a positive attitude, so hopefully it will help you see some of the better aspects of your life while going through these tough times.

04/14/2011 • 10:50 PM
Just dropping a hello. Thinking about you. I hope days are getting a bit sunnier for you.

03/14/2011 • 12:58 PM
Please check the forums, thanks!
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