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Warriors of Elysia News

Isis Video

Our gamer friend plays another round of BKB2, and she discovers that Isis has quite a special move!  This is the fourth video she has posted to her Youtube channel.  Be sure to check it out: HERE
Athena vs. Venus video

This gamer plays as Athena, but she learns for the first time that Venus can take her bikini top.  Watch the video HERE.  It's great throughout, but the bikini steal takes place around the 17 minute mark.

Get All the Games!
This month only, the Platinum Edition of Bikini Karate Babes has been price reduced in half to just $25.

If you have ever wanted these crazy games, now is your chance!

Included with each Platinum Edition:

• The original Bikini Karate Babes game for Windows.

• Bigger, Badder, Bustier DVD.

• Bikini Karate Babes 2: Warriors of Elysia game for Windows.

• The Warriors Tale DVD.

The best of both games in this one complete set!

Get yours today, right here.
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